Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dark Arduino IDE Theme

I'm totally having fun playing around with my Arduino UNO, but the Arduino IDE is a little too bright for my tastes, so I created a dark theme and posted it here.

Here's a screenshot:

All you need to do is find your 'theme' folder (it may be nested a bit but it should be in the application folder somewhere under /lib/) and replace it with this folder.  I created this on a mac and it's theming version 1.0 of the IDE, but I'm guessing the theme folder is the same for all platforms.  Make a backup of yours before you drop this one in just in case though. 

You'll need to restart the Arduino IDE for the changes to take effect, but then you can sit back and let your eyes thank you!

Hope you like it.

1 comment:

emu-user said...


I am a Linux user, and its very simple to implement your theme into the Arduino IDE.

Just, change the name for the original and copy the theme folder inside mein theme folder, restart and then you will can see again the screen in front of you.

Thanks a lot.